30 Day Vegan Challenge ebook

We’ve developed our 30 Day Vegan Challenge ebook to guide you through the process of transitioning to veganism. This ebook has everything you need to do your first 30 days vegan. You’ll have meal plans ideas, supplement guidelines, restaurant ordering frameworks, and killer recipes. The vast majority of our recipes are naturally vegan, containing no weird ‘vegan’ ingredients like tempeh, tofu, nutritional yeast, etc. These ingredients all have a place in a vegan diet, but they are pretty intimidating if you’re just starting out. 

Of course, whether or not you buy the book, you’re welcome to participate in our social community where we encourage people to go vegan and provide support to people on their vegan journey. Just send us direct  messages at 80_percent_vegan on Instagram or hashtag your journey using #30DaysVeganAF. 

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The 30-Day Vegan Challenge Details

We believe that it’s easy for most people to go vegan 80% of the time. There are so many delicious, naturally vegan foods out there that it’s pretty simple to eat a healthy, balanced vegan diet for most of your meals. BUT, most people also have a handful of foods that they love so much that it’s hard for them to transition to a 100% vegan lifestyle. Do you know what those foods are for you?


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Whether you decide to purchase our 30-Day Challenge guide or not, we welcome you to join our 80% Vegan Community. We are all about providing support, encouragement and community for people embracing a mostly-vegan lifestyle.