Vegan 101: How to Transition to Veganism

Let me clear the air first by saying that there is no one right way to transition to veganism, no magic bullet that will make it simple, no authority out there that has proven the only and best way to go vegan.


How you go vegan is personal to you and based on your unique needs and desires. I think the most important thing you can do to have a successful transition to veganism is listen to that little voice in your soul nudging you in the direction that feels like the best fit for you, taking swift and decisive action against those nudges. Don’t hem and haw over it. If you feel like you maybe, kinda sorta want to try going vegan – take action today to make it happen.

Here are some ways you could consider making the transition to veganism:

  • Start with just one vegan meal a day. When that feels comfortable, take it up to two vegan meals per day. After that, fully vegan may feel much easier.
  • Go vegetarian first. Once you get the hang of that, slowly phase out dairy, then slowly phase out eggs. Before you know it, you’ll be vegan.
  • Go cold turkey. Decide right now and just do it, fumbling your way through it until you figure out how to be vegan in a way that feels good for you.
  • Only cook vegan food at home, but still go non-vegan when you eat out if you feel like it. After a while, your tastes for meat and dairy will be replaced for the tastes of your own homecooked vegan meals.
  • Do a 30-Day Vegan Challenge. We have one on this site to help you get started. This time-bound commitment helps you really try out the lifestyle without the long-term commitment. You’ll know what the hardest and easiest parts of veganism are for you and then you can devise a plan to move forward.

Whatever you do, don’t worry about the time it takes. Maybe it will take you years to go fully vegan – and that’s okay. Make the transition in a way that works for you and for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Are you considering going vegan? Let us know in the comments – we’re here to help you make the transition in a way that works for you!

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Michelle Diemer