Vegan 101: Is it Expensive to go Vegan?

The answer to this question, like so many questions in life, is 'it totally depends'.

If you've ever perused the vegan section of your local grocery store, you've probably almost had a heart attack at the prices of vegan packaged foods. I'm not going to lie, vegan packaged foods can be quite pricey. For example, a package of deli meat costs about three dollars at my local grocery store white Tofutti slices cost about five dollars. The reason the prices for vegan packaged goods are so much higher is simple supply and demand. Since the demand isn't as high for vegan goods, the efficiencies of scale aren't in place to support the commodity pricing that affects most of the food goods in the marketplace.



If you're basing your vegan diet around packaged vegan foods like meat substitutes and cheeses, you will likely see an increase in your grocery bill as you transition to a vegan diet. While we maintain that there is no right or wrong way to go vegan, we do encourage you to think beyond vegan products as you transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

There are so many products that you likely buy or eat all the time that are already, naturally vegan and low-priced. We recommend to increase the presence of these foods in your diet as you transition to veganism. Not only are they delicious, they will likely cause you to save money as a vegan. Talk about a win, win situation!

Here are some awesome, affordable vegan foods:

  • Beans! All kinds of beans. Enjoy them in a can or prepare from dried. Beans are so good for you and an excellent form of protein for vegans. 
  • Lentils are also an affordable vegan staple. You can use them in salads, soups, curries and more for a great source of protein. 
  • Rice. Buy a big bag of rice and you will pay pennies per serving. Rice is delicious in stir fries, soups, burrito bowls and more. 
  • Fruits and vegetables. Shop seasonally and save. Also consider frozen veggies for meals since you don't have to worry about food waste and the prices are quite low. 
  • Pasta. Semolina pastas are vegan and are a great base for delicious pasta sauces like spaghetti or vegan alfredos. 
  • Tofu is affordable and can be prepared very deliciously. 

These are a few of our favorite affordable vegan foods. Always keep in mind that meat and cheese aren't the cheapest foods either. With a little creativity, we are confident that you can find great vegan foods that fit your unique budget.

Do you have anything to add? We'd love to hear your tips!

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