4 Super Easy, Delicious Vegan Snacks

We're back with another list of easy, delicious vegan snacks. Let's face it, the hunger monster strikes often when you're vegan. Be prepared at all times with these awesome snacks at the ready. Click here for more easy vegan snack ideas

Easy vegan snack easy vegan bean dip.JPG

Crunchy, refreshing and packed with protein, this easy vegan bean dip is a home run. Simply mix a can of rinsed black beans, a can of drained sweet corn, a container of hot pico de gallo salsa  and the juice from a half a lime together. Within five minutes, you'll have an delicious vegan snack that you can nosh on throughout the week (if it lasts that long!)

easy vegan snack pistachios.JPG

Next up is a vegan snack that you probably never buy because it's expensive: pistachios. Okay, we hear you. These are pricey nuts, but they are so damn delicious. They're good for you and a great source of healthy fats for vegans. Plus, the expense is all relative. If you used to routinely purchase choice cuts of meat or artisan cheeses as a non-vegan, you can now replace that expense in your diet with these guys. Think of them as your compassionate splurge!

easy vegan snack cucumber.JPG

Next up, we have a simple, refreshing snack. Slice up cucumber and then top with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and the juice of a lime. YUM! This is healthy, zone out and watch Netflix food.

easy vegan snack edamame.JPG

Last, but certainly not least, we have edamame. Yes, everyone's favorite Japanese food appetizer can easily be replicated at home. These bad boys come in the frozen section for about three bucks a bag. Simply pop in the microwave for a few minutes, top with salt and go to town. 

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