A day in the life of a vegan. Follow our Founder's day of vegan eats

What do vegans actually eat? Are they chomping down on raw vegetables all the time and hating life? To show you that vegan diets can be super varied and exciting, we are introducing a new series titled 'A day in the life of a vegan' where we ask a fellow vegan to document their food for a day so you can see what vegans eat in real life. First up is our Founder, Michelle Diemer. Here she shares what she ate on a busy day in her life where she had jury duty. 

vegan coffee creamer silk vanilla creamer.JPG

I started my day off with a cup (or two) of coffee just like anyone else. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found a coffee creamer that works for me. If you like a sweet, flavored coffee creamer, definitely try the Silk Soy Creamer in Hazelnut or Vanilla flavor. I literally don't mind waking up anymore because of this creamer. It is better than half and half, in my opinion. 

green vegan juice.jpg
vegan bagel with avocado

I had jury duty this day, so I decided to treat myself to a green juice and bagel for breakfast on my way. I'm a relatively new juice convert, but I am just obsessed. I want to buy a juicer, but for now I just treat myself sometimes because I'm not sure I would actually juice as much as I think I would. This juice was spinach, celery, apple, cucumber and pineapple juice, freshly squeezed and so awesome. I missed bagels so much when I first went vegan, but I've started ordering them with avocado instead of cream cheese and I really like them this way. Welcome back to my life, bagels!


I was quite proud of myself for packing my lunch for jury duty until I realized that I had neglected to pack a fork for my leftover spaghetti. I made a quick change in plans and headed out for Mexican food, which is usually very vegan friendly. This particular restaurant didn't have many vegan options, so I went with a bean burrito and rice. When the rice arrived, I was pretty sure that it had chicken stock in it, but I ate it anyway. I am a bit flexible in situations like this, which is where my 80% vegan philosophy comes into play. Just do the best you can!

vegan spaghetti.JPG

I got out of jury duty around 3:30 so I went into the office to catch up on work. Around 4:30, my stomach started rumbling again. I still had my spaghetti, so I ate it right up. I've learned not to get too hung up on 'meal times' as a vegan. I just eat when I'm hungry! Plus, I was going to do a hard workout that night and spaghetti seemed like the perfect fuel. Side note: the recipe for this spaghetti is in our 30 Day Vegan Challenge ebook

After my workout, I came home and shot the photos for our 5 Easy Vegan Snacks post, so I basically ate all of those snacks, too. Well, I shared some with my family, but I definitely ate all the chips and salsa!

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