Vegan Spotlight: Veg Hub Restaurant in Oakland, California

As a vegan small business, we love nothing more than supporting other small businesses bringing vegan goodness to the world. In this series, we highlight our favorite vegan small business by sharing our experiences with their products. Rest assured that we only feature brands and businesses that we absolutely love. If you'd like us to consider highlighting your vegan business, please contact us

When we interviewed The Vegan Monk, he mentioned that his favorite restaurant in Oakland is the Veg Hub. He spoke about how, more than the food, he loved the mission of the Veg Hub and how they are working to spread veganism through awesome community classes. Color us intrigued. We had to go visit the Veg Hub and see what it was all about.


Oh man, we were not disappointed. The sandwich was, hands down, the best sandwich we’ve had in years.


The menu at the Veg Hub is super simple and we love that. During the day, you can grab a sandwich and customize it to your liking. At night, you can do a bowl dinner with southern goodness like mac ‘n cheeze and greens + fried chick’n. Since we were there during the day, we went the sandwich route, ordering a Philly Cheeze Steak sandwich with the classic Veg Hub sauce and smoked cabbage and onions.

Delicious is seriously an understatement to describe this sandwich. I haven’t had the best experience thus far with ‘fake’ meats and cheeses. I don’t think they’re close to the real thing and I often avoid them. This sandwich proved me so wrong. While the ‘meat’ didn’t taste exactly like beef, it did taste delicious. The cheeze sauce was epic. The cabbage added the perfect crunch factor and texture. Honestly, I think this sandwich was one of my favorite vegan things I’ve ever eaten. Major thanks to the Veg Hub for sharing this food with the world. We are trying to get involved and help with their vegan cooking classes because we’re just so happy with what they are doing in the community.

We can’t wait to go back and try dinner. Stay tuned! We’ll be sure to update here.

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