Frequently Asked Questions About our

30-Day Vegan Jumpstart


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What all is covered in the 30-Day Vegan jumpstart guide?

We provide every resource we think you’ll need to get you through thirty days: a PDF of our book 'The 30 Day Vegan Jumpstart: An Approachable, Easy-To-Follow Recipe Guidebook For New Vegans', a weekly email from our Founder that has advice, a weekly meal plan and a shopping list.

What kind of recipes are in the guide?

Our focus is on sharing foods that are naturally vegan, avoiding recipes that include ‘weird’ vegan ingredients like tempeh, tofu, nutritional yeast and seitan. We think you might end up eating those ‘weird’ ingredients when you continue your veganism past the jumpstart, but a lot of them are a developed taste that might not work for you initially. 

Our recipes and meal plans include whole plant foods, lots of beans, nuts and fruits. For example, we have a killer vegan bean chili recipe, delicious pastas, stir fries, tacos, homemade beans, Shepherd's Pie and much more. They are designed to be SUPER simple to execute. They are time-tested, delicious recipes that taste good without breaking the bank.

Wait a minute, you say 80% vegan. Why do you advocate for a 30-Day Vegan jumpstart that is 100% vegan?

If you’re currently not vegan, we’d bet that meat or dairy plays a hugely overstated role in your diet right now. You likely order cheese on your sandwiches, salads, soups and burrito bowls out of pure habit. You’ve probably never tried the vegan option at most restaurants because, honestly, why would you? You probably have cream in your coffee and eggs for breakfast and think nothing of reaching for milk chocolate as a sweet treat after dinner. There is no judgement of this! It’s a perfectly normal way to eat here in our culture, but it causes so much harm to animals. We think it's great to quit animal products 'cold turkey' for 30 days to see whether veganism works for you. 

Why do you stress the importance of community?

When you make a major change in your life, you need support and accountability. It is hard to go vegan for 30 days for the first time, so we want you to have a community of support that you can tap into when the going gets tough. It will. There will be times you want to quit and eat cheese. We have our social media communities available for these times. Reach out to us if you ever need support or guidance!

Why should I pay for this 30-Day Vegan jumpstart guide when I can just go vegan for 30 days on my own using free resources on the internet?

Our founder did her own 30-Day Vegan Jumpstart without a guide, thinking she would just ‘wing it’ as she went along. On her first day as a vegan, she was so hangry that she already wanted to quit. We don’t want that to happen to you on your first foray into veganism. Our guide is designed to make your 30-Day Vegan Jumpstart as simple, affordable and effortless as possible. We incorporated all the tips, tricks and recipes we wished we had when we went vegan for the first time ourselves. It’s an incredible resource and, priced at just $20, we think it’s worth every penny.