The 80% Vegan Manifesto

We know that 80% vegan might seem like a silly idea to some people. They say you’re either vegan or you’re not. Technically, this is true. You either eat animals and animal by-products, or you don’t. But, what about the grey area? What about people who have a desire to limit their animal consumption but are not ready or not willing to fully go animal-free? If they want to drastically reduce their animal consumption, where do they go for support and for community? Our hope is that they come here to this community. We are totally accepting and supportive of you for every single step of your vegan journey. We recognize how hard it is to go vegan and we want to make it accessible and supportive for anyone to make a transition to any form of eating that limits harm to animals. 

We feel so passionately about our mission, we want to share our manifesto with you. This is a free download that better clarifies our mission with the concept of this 80% vegan website. We keep our copy of the manifesto ready for reference and encouragement for the times we lose sight of the ‘why’ behind our vegan aspirations.

To get your free copy of our manifesto, please click the link below to download. 

80% Vegan Manifesto

Download our FREE manifesto.